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StreetLife QuizWhizzers - supporting animal sterilisations

StreetLife QuizWhizzers - supporting animal sterilisations What an amazing evening on Saturday Night. StreetLife turned A Caravela Restuarante in Moncarapacho into the “StreetLife Jazz Café” for the night by putting up a few posters and playing Jazz while 52 StreetLife supporters participated in a fun QuizWhiz night.

The new venue, A Caravela Restaurante in Moncarapacho, did StreetLife proud. The food was extremely good, hot and plenty of it . . . the atmosphere was intimate and cosy and this created more banter and fun. The sign of a good time is the level of chatting going on, and there was plenty of that!! As well as laughter and smiles. An excellent formula for a successful event.

The money raised for StreetLife, was incredible, enough to provide financial assistance to local pet owners for 5/6 dog sterilisations.

StreetLife thanks all of their QuizWhiz members, their support is so appreciated and is making a difference.

Once again, our sincere thanks to everyone who was there on the night, and those who donated raffle prizes. A personal thank you to Christine and Brian Beckwith for all of their hard work as the organisers of the QuizWhiz Nights and for being part of the StreetLife Team.

To find out more about email Graeme Cree (StreetLife Founder) info@streetlife.pt or call 912 071 055.
Facebook : www.facebook.com/StreetLifeAnimalSterilisationProgramme/
Website: www.streetlife.pt

StreetLife is a new initiative from a group of animal lovers who want to reduce the number of stray and abandoned animals in the East Algarve through a programme of sterilisations. StreetLife is a non-profit organisation.

StreetLife QuizWhizzers - supporting animal sterilisations

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