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Lack of volunteers forces closure of Re-food Algoz-Tunes

RefoodWe are sad to announce the official temporary closure of our activities. Unfortunately, the lack of volunteers and administrative difficulties prevent us from continuing to serve the community of Re-food Algoz-Tunes over the next few months, as the current members are no longer able to safeguard the responsibilities of social mobilization, and there are no more people available to take on the volunteering and management responsibilities. We have learned that a Re-food centre needs more volunteers than those we could find in our local community.

In the fall, we intend to hold a Sementeira meeting in Albufeira to mobilise the many citizens of this nearby town and form a new Re-food centre. With this new centre as headquarters, which we hope to reactivate the services in Algoz-Tunes - as a satellite of collection and distribution of the new Albufeira centre.

We would like to thank all those who helped us help in Algoz-Tunes. We close this cycle hoping to open a new and more sustainable cycle soon, and also with recognition and joy for the time spent in the last 4 years of intense and productive activities facilitated by partnerships with the Câmara, Junta and many other partners, more than we can name here. We are proud of this history built with perseverance, commitment and dedication. We learned a lot from volunteering, solidarity and knowing that we made a difference.

We hope the Re-food spirit will remain alive in the hearts of our partners and supporters while we work to build a more sustainable future. We want to believe that the spirit of solidarity that we saw so often energized and rejuvenated by our volunteers stays strong and illuminates more lives while paving the way to a fairer, more humanitarian and prejudice free society. May the willingness to help remain a powerful force, and may many more centres keep up the incredible work done by Re-food across the country. May Re-food continue to be made up of all of us and may the power of this idea continue to inspire new initiatives and new adventures focused on the well-being of the whole community. We are others and others will always be part of us.

We hope to see you again in our next adventure and we thank you for all the support, love and light.

The management team of Re-Food Algoz Tunes.