Donald Needs A Home!

Donald Needs A Home!Donald, a pure breed Rafeiro Alentejo, was born around February this year. His story is a sad one but full of hope.

The Cadela Carlota Rescue Association in Odiaxere received a call in June, saying there was a large puppy who had been roaming the country roads around the Aerodromo in Arão for a few days.

It was clear immediately that this dog had something wrong with his front legs and had, in all likelihood, been dumped by his owner because of it. His two front legs looked considerably longer than his back legs and were quite severely bowed.

DonaldAfter an initial visit to the vet, the prognosis was that complicated and expensive surgical procedures would be needed, with no guarantee of success. So a second opinion was required. After looking at his X-rays, the second vet was of the opinion that there was no deformation of the bones and that actually Donald was suffering from a condition that can be seen in large breed puppies, Basically, the puppies grow too fast for their bone structure to cope. The bones are still too soft for their rapid growth spurts and, as a result, the bones start to bow. All that was needed was a supplement to strengthen the bones combined with a top quality puppy food and limited exercise. 

And today, after just a few weeks, the progress can clearly be seen. Donald is not yet perfect but a full recovery is expected.

Donald is a very special puppy. Everyone who meets him falls for his charm and sweet personality. In his pen at the Cadela Carlota Rescue Shelter, he puts up with seven much smaller puppies jumping all over him, biting his tail and generally being boisterous. Donald takes it all in his stride with grace and good humour. 

If you would like to meet Donald and offer him a permanent home, please contact Cadela Carlota  at


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