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Please Help! 17 Year Old Jack Wilson Paralysed In Salema Accident

Jack Wilson17 year old Jack Wilson was on holiday with the Mills family in Portugal. On the first day of the holiday Jack went into the sea, dived under a wave and broke his neck, leaving him paralysed from the chest down.

Jack before his accidentAfter medical assessments and x-rays, Jack was airlifted to Faro hospital, where an operation was immediately carried out to repair the damage to his spine. Jack is making a good but slow recovery, and remains paralysed from the chest down at the moment. He now has some movement in his arms and hands. As far as we know, more surgery is planned, followed by extensive physical rehabilitation.

We don't know what the future holds for this 17 year old who is always full of ideas, and is one of the most hard working lads you could ever meet. And that is why we are asking for your help and donations, because we want to give Jack the best chance possible to be able to live his life the way he wants to.

You can donate online at https://www.facebook.com/donate/423737578241145/

Please remember that a little means a lot to Jack, and whatever you can give will help him on his long road to recovery. Thank you.


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