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UK Fire Initiative Benefits Albufeira & Silves Firefighters

UK Fire Initiative Benefits Albufeira & Silves FirefightersAlgarve resident, Keith Holden and Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, specifically Steve Smith and Stephen Ricketts, along with Algarve Removals worked together to provide and deliver individual protection equipment for fire departments that need it the most.

Keith tells us, "I was contacted by my contact at Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, to see if the local firefighting services would be interested in receiving 160 sets of breathing apparatus. We have been in contact with them since the fires in 2018, when they kindly donated Infra-red cameras and uniforms to the Bombeiros in Silves, for distribution. The answer upon asking the Silves chief was 'Yes Please'.  Now all we needed to organise was the transport and handover!!"

The shipment would consist of 9 pallets each measuring 1 metre x 1 metre and weighing 125 KGS each, consisting of 160 personal security alarms, 160 backrests and some personal protective suits for structural fires. This was not going to be easy, luckily the following companies donated their services for free.

Palletline member Gregory Distribution - would collect the goods in the West country and move them to Birmingham.

DW Clark  - moved the goods from Birmingham to Essex

Algrave Removals  - moved the goods from Essex to Albufeira

"All of these companies gave their resource and time for free, well done and thank you so much. The goods were delivered on time and undamaged, and were handed over to the Comandante's of Silves and Albufeira, who then divided the shipment into two halves, which will then be distributed to stations in the Algarve, with priority given to those with most need them."

Keith, would like to say a personal thank you to all concerned with making this happen, as do the rest us, I'm sure!

UK Fire Initiative Benefits Albufeira & Silves Firefighters


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