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Felix is ready to go!

FELIX IS READY TO GO!More good news: Princesa, featured here two weeks ago, has found a new home. She'd like to send you all her noble, furry thanks for your support! This week, Félix is our focus...

FELIX IS READY TO GO!Hello everyone, I am Félix! I used to live nearby a main road, along with my brother, Fausto.  It was pretty dangerous with all the heavy traffic that passed. In fact, there were three of us, but another brother was run over. Then a couple rescued us and brought us to the ADAPO cat shelter in Olhão a couple of months ago.

I'm a young adult male, perhaps about a year old, but I have a small stature. I can't help having this cheeky face; I'm sweet and like to be stroked and made a fuss of. Fausto - not so much. He is more likely to run off! I'd quite like a home with a blanket where I can sit and purr and never have to live out on the street again. Believe me, it's tough out there.

I'm neutered, have a chip, and have been vaccinated against rabies.  I'm ready to go!

If you'd like to know more, you can email bigodesolhao@gmail.com, or visit the ADAPO Facebook page (in Portuguese and English) which features all the cats in our shelter, and leave a private message."

*ADAPO, or Associação pela Defesa dos Animais e Plantas de Olhão, is a local non-profit group established in 2004 by Célia Caravela. 

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