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Social Support Needed

SOCIAL SUPPORT NEEDEDThis pandemic brought us all a clear picture of how bureaucrats use public funds to expand their power. While for most of the poor, aid comes as a rule, for those who have special needs or whose documentation is old, or who suffer from the slowness in final decisions it does not. Same for individual professionals, as hairdressers, footcare and massage experts, who had their income more than halved.

In the Algarve, highly dependent on tourism and 2nd home refurbishing, unemployment reached a maximum, around 80%. There are funds available, but Eliderico Viegas, head a group of FIVE ASSOCIATIONS says they won’t come to those in need. Donations to charity dropped, needs rose.

Santa Casa Misericórdia Alvor started in the 17th century, to take care of children and the elderly. Close to a local Catholic Church, it receives grants from Portimao, and donations. SCMA runs a retirement home for 28 oldies in Alvor, with medical and other support. A day center for 22 elderly, another for 25 elderly in Montes do Alvor. It has 159 people on the waiting list for these facilities.

SCMA also runs a daycare center for 84 children 6 months to 3 years old. And a home care service for 20 elderly sick people. Food, laundry and medical care for everyone.


- Food: Despite the discount it gets, this is a major cost, because the elderly and children's health requires healthy food.

- Vitamin supplements: Despite a discount for prescribed drugs, especially the elderly have to take them.

- Fuel: A lot of fuel is used for heating/laundering. Unfortunately, some older people shake and mess up their clothes, some have to change underwear often. Kids play and get dirty.

- Diesel: SMCA's vans pick up/drop off elderly people to day centers, some children. It picks up/delivers food to two kitchens; also to both day centers. Another drives home-servants to many seniors.

- Kitchen equipment: Older people shake sometimes, plates, glasses, etc. break. Also pans, frying pans, etc. are old, time to replace them.

- Vans: SMCA has two staff, 25 years old, who drive 1.5 million km, frequently in the workshop. They need 2 vans approx. 8-11 years old.

-Creative activity: Due to Covid, these people are not allowed to visit their relatives. I now managed to get a pianist and will donate an electric piano that will be shifting to different premises.


You can contact SCMA at http://www.scmalvor.pt of on their Facebook page.

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