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Mark is looking for a home of his own

MARK IS LOOKING FOR A HOME OF HIS OWN"Hi. Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Mark, named after one of the volunteers at the ADAPO cat shelter. I can't think why; I don't look like him one bit. But he likes to play with me and I'm fond of him."

MARK IS LOOKING FOR A HOME OF HIS OWN"I've lived in the shelter for two years, since I was abandoned as a kitten. But now I'm a big, strong boy. I'm very calm and I like nice, quiet places. Noise and chaos upsets me. I get on alright with the other cats, but I don't have any special mates here.
So, I'd like to take a chance and find a home of my own. I'm neutered and, as you can see, decorative! If you'd like to get to know me, you can email bigodesolhao@gmail.com or visit the ADAPO Facebook page (in Portuguese and English)"

*ADAPO, or Associação pela Defesa dos Animais e Plantas de Olhão, is a local non-profit group established in 2004 by Célia Caravela.


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