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Introducing Didi the diva...

DIDI"Hi! I'm Didí! I've lived in the ADAPO cat shelter for two years, since my owner was evicted and we all became homeless.  I've always put up with the other cats here, but I don't care for them much, and I'd much prefer to be the only diva - sorry, cat in the household."

Didi the diva"I'm a neutered female, about 5 years old, looking for a home where I'll be loved and appreciated.  We white cats have to be very careful about exposure to the sun. That's difficult; I mean, basking in the warm sunshine is my job description! But my ears get burnt very easily so I should stay in the shade much more.

Must dash - I've just spotted someone looking for me to put suncream on my ears again. Filthy stuff! It will take me all afternoon to wash that off again!"

If you would like to know more about Didí, please email bigodesolhao@gmail.com or visit the ADAPO Facebook page (in Portuguese and English)

*ADAPO, or Associação pela Defesa dos Animais e Plantas de Olhão, is a local non-profit group established in 2004 by Célia Caravela.


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