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The Nandi Charity - from small beginnings to successful shops

THE NANDI CHARITY - FROM SMALL BEGINNINGS TO SUCCESSFUL SHOPSStarting in Espiche in 1996 the Nandi was very successful. So much so that in 2000 more accommodation was required and the shop moved to Bungalow Park (Espiche Campsite).

A further move was required in 2003 to a shop in Lagos close to the Ship Roundabout. In 2015 the owner of the shop wanted to sell it.  This resulted in the move to the current clothes shop.  

In 2016 it was decided from experience that there was a demand for second hand furniture and a new shop was acquired old shop being used solely for clothes.

The Charity operates a very successful business from these shops which allows us to fund various animal welfare projects.

From small beginnings
Whilst the original aim was the sterilisation of stray cats and dogs of which there were many. The fundraising through the shops meant that Nandi could help in other ways. A natural progression was to feed the various cat colonies in the area and this we continue to do today. Perhaps the most well known colony is the Ferry Cats which Nandi helps by supplementing the food cost.

Nandi has recently assisted with the funding which was required to provide shelter for the Ferry Cats.  A new home has been made and is awaiting installation, which will be very soon now.

We also support three major dog sanctuaries.

The Pandemic
Like any other business Nandi has been affected by the pandemic. We have had to ration our funds to provide assistance to the animals which have come to rely upon Nandi for the provision of food. To make sure we spent wisely we decided that we would only sterilise female stray cats as it is the many kittens which are the real problem. As soon as our funds are in a better state of health we will recommence the sterilisation of the male stray cats.

The committee is always looking for Members and Volunteers to man the shops, and especially transport furniture when required.

If you would like to be involved, call in at one of the shops listed below or email the charity on thenandicharityshop.hotmail.com

This shop sells clothes and bric-a-brac:  Lt 15, Loja 4, Rua de Ameljeira, Lagos                                

 This shop sells furniture and electrical items:  Rua Prof. Dr. Moto Pinto, Lagos

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenandicharityshop/

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