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Join us in celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

JOIN US IN CELEBRATING THE QUEEN'S PLATINUM JUBILEEOn Saturday afternoon, 4th June, there will be a fun equestrian event at Pinetrees, Almancil, to celebrate the 70 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

As would no doubt be a sure choice by her Majesty, the fundraising event will support the Algarve Horse Alarm Association and the Royal British Legion in Portugal.

The rosettes will be sponsored by Algarve Plus Magazine, with beautiful 3 tier rosettes in red, white and blue. Indeed, these will be the colours of the day.

Join us in celebrating the Queen's Platinum JubileeThe event starts at 16.00 with the ever popular Fancy Dress on horseback, with the theme of Royalty. This will challenge the imagination to design a costume, which could range from historical figures, Freddie Mercury, to the queen of hearts!
The Handy Horse class will have various categories and degrees of difficulty for riders of various abilities over an obstacle course.

The entry fee of €10 from the riders will be divided between the two charities. However, there will other options for spectators and participants to support the charities.

A highlight of the event will surely be a Pas de Deux performed by Maria and Daniel, on the pure bred Andalusian mare Electra and pure bred Lusitano, Taranto, with choreography and music chosen by trainer Emanuel Correia.
Both grey (white to the lay person!) horses will have their mane and tail decorated with blue and red ribbons, as per the theme of the day.

Light refreshment is being organised by British caterer Jane Kemp and Sue Barnes, with some refreshing summer drinks and tasty nibbles.

Various local businesses are also taking part to participate in a Best of British affair and to honour Her Majesty.

For more information and programme, contact Pinetrees on 289 394369, or 919 363 190, or email bevpinetrees@gmail.com

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