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Animal rescuer to have her final wishes

ANIMAL RESCUER TO HAVE HER FINAL WISHESGinie, who is well known in the Animal community by running a huge charity in Portugal (SOS animal algarve/ Sterilise your Strays), was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian and colon cancer recently and has been told she will have a few years to live, with or without treatment.
The animal community won’t be the same without her, she has saved thousands of animals off the street. 
Her volunteers and friends of the community would like everyone’s support in raising some money, so she can have one last break or complete her bucket list of wishes, with her beautiful dog, and to help with any medical bills to make her comfortable as she lives alone and has no family around her.
Ginie has spent years and years helping rescued or hurt animals all over Portugal and it’s time she has some good karma back.
When situations like this happen, it’s nice to have some love and support!
Please donate, and help ginie have a lovely gift of kindness back to all the love and time she has give us when in need and animals!
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