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Having their cake...and eating it!

Rotary Club charity eventLast week was a truly rewarding one for members and friends of Silves Rotary Club.

Two events to raise money for 2 different charities raised €1600 between them!

The cake table at the charity coffee morningThe first event was a well attended and supported coffee morning at the home of Pascal and Julia, resulting in a tremendous result of €500 which is for the benefit of Madrugada.
Madrugada, the charitable association, which assists those with life limiting illnesses and their families, is just one of the charities which Silves Rotary Club supports.

Madgrugada has a whole raft of events planned for September, so watch this space for further details.

The second event of the week was a Garden Party hosted by David, Penny and Jacquie at Alcalar.

The glorious May weather added to the pleasure of being in great company, with excellent food and some fun games which everyone enjoyed. One of the great The delicious desserts at the Garden Partyattractions was the dessert table.

Margarida Trindade, the director of UNIR (the association supporting those who suffer with mental disadvantages) was present at the Garden Party and spoke of the work that UNIR carries out. She told of the plans for the new facility in Portimão and Alan Winn, President of Silves Rotary Club encouraged all to support the endeavours of UNIR, which needs all the assistance it can get, as so little is available from government.

The amazing sum of over €1100 was raised at The Garden Party, all of which will be donated to UNIR for their Portimão facility.

Silves Rotary Club’s next event will take place on Thursday June 5 when a Concert performed by Quinteto Paso. The woodwind quartet will play at Casa da Cultura Islâmica e Mediterrânica in Silves.

The evening will commence at 18.30 with canapés and drinks in the Moorish garden. Tickets are expected to sell quickly, as has been the case with our previous concerts, so to make your booking telephone 919 240 882 or email  info.rotarysilves@gmail.com.

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