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AIRC donate nebulisers to the ASCA

AIRC donate nebulisers to the ASCAFor most of us foreigners the wonderful climate of the Algarve was one of the major factors in our decision to live here all year round. However, it may have come as a shock to realise the warmer weather also brings with it a high level of humidity in spring, and autumn and in winter when it rains heavily it gets extremely damp.

Most of us can cope very well with these conditions but for some families it means breathing difficulties, especially for young children.

Photo: L-R  Susana Alexandra Vaz with her baby Beatriz Marques, Hermes Alberto – President of ASCA, Célia Rodrigues, Brian Pullin – AIRC, Paula Maria Conceição, receiving a nebuliser on behalf of her two grandchildren, and Peter Hinze  - AIRCAlmancil International Rotary Club (AIRC) has, since its inception in 2006 supported the Associação Social e Cultural de Almancil, known locally as ASCA, in many ways. Since ASCA was founded in August 1992 it has provided, amongst many other things, a Day Centre and a residential home for the elderly, home care services, social and economic support to families and a kindergarden.

When asked by AIRC Chairman of Community Services Peter Hinze how it could help further, Célia Rodrigues from the social work department of ASCA mentioned three local families which would benefit from having a nebuliser to help with their young children’s breathing during damp weather.

The nebulisers were duly purchased and presented to the families last week. “These nebulisers will be a great help to the families” said Célia. “They will not only benefit the children of the families to whom they have been given but they will be loaned by the beneficiaries to other families when the need arises. We are always grateful to the many people and associations that help us so that we in turn can help local people. If anyone is interested in visiting us and seeing our work, they would be most welcome. We are situated at the Street Community Centre in Almancil, Telephone 289 399 699 or 966 970 830”.


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