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Successful Christmas Market for Rotary Club Porches

Successful Christmas Market for Rotary Club PorchesSanta is pleased to report on the success of the Rotary E-Club Porches International Christmas Market held 22-23 November at Galeria Arte Algarve in Lagoa.

A total of € 3,886 was raised to help the Portimão Food Bank with its equipment needs.

Eva María Rambusch of São Marcos da Serra was the winner of the 'How Many Corks?' competition with a guess of 7324 corks; actual number was 7242; she will be enjoying the voucher for a stay at Herdade dos Grous.

Special thanks to hosts Galeria Arte Algarve and their people who worked tirelessly for the success of the market. Thank you also to Vila Vita Parc for participating on the weekend with the Biergarten sausages and beer, and contributing the Herdade dos Grous voucher. What a wonderful group of vendors, helping to spread the holiday cheer and create a terrific Christmas atmosphere.

And, also let's be sure everyone knows how much we appreciate the support from the public . . . gallery staff estimated the crowd at more than 2000!! See you all next year; we're already working on exciting new plans.

For more information about Rotary E-club Porches and our activities, contact media@rotaryporches.com or follow us on Facebook.

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