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Lagos council's municipal plan is ready, after 12 years

lagos2Lagos council is ready to release its Plano Diretor Municipal (PDM) for public discussion 12 years after starting the process.

The master plan for the Lagos municipal area can be viewed and commented on by members of the public from January 15th until March 4th 2015.

Lagos locals can see the plan in all its glory at the Edifício dos Paços do Concelho Séc. XXI where there also will be an information session on January 22nd at 9pm.

Anyone soon can look at the plan online at www.cm-lagos.com but those in outlying parishes will have a harder time seeing a hard copy as the plan only will be available for inspection and comment on one day a week.

These viewing days have yet to be announced for each Freguesia but anyone interested also will have to book an appointment and submit any questions in advance. This will be impossible to do for anyone who has not already read the document and is hardly a shining example of open and inclusive local government.  

The plan was started in February 2002 with the main objective of tying in with the wider Algarve development plan, PROTAL, and other regional plans concerning ecological and agricultural land use, social cohesion, cultural aspects and the development of the Lagos area’s links with the sea as the mythical birthplace of Portugal’s period of Discoveries.

The council said it was a long hard journey to get its plan to the public consultation stage, a twelve year journey, let’s hope it was worth the effort.

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-7 #2 Peter Booker 2015-01-13 10:02
I do not understand why if it takes professionals 12 years to produce a scheme, they should allow the amateurs (those who are paying for it) only 49 days to consider it, and with restricted access at that.

As you say Ed, this seems more like exclusive than inclusive local government, designed to put people´s backs up. And it is not even connected with POLIS.
-6 #1 Mike Towl 2015-01-13 08:08
Sounds Good. Come into some money have we?

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