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Join the "East Algarve Cleanup"

Join the "East Algarve Cleanup"Join Daniel Fox and local volunteers to clean up the Eastern Algarve. Based in Tavira, the Facebook group "East Algarve Cleanup" are trying to make a difference in the community by picking up rubbish across the Eastern Algarve region, especially plastic.

Their first event was on Cabanas Isalnds a few weeks ago, with more planned for September 18th and for Sept 21st which is officially World Clean Up Day.

SEPT 18th - 'Praia dos Tesos' aka "Poor Mans Beach, Tavira". Wednesday evening - 17.30 - 19.30 hours - meet by the hotel and work our way around there!!!!

SEPT 21stPoor Mans Beach Tavira, Saturday morning 9.00 – 12.00. Suggest we meet by the hotel and work our way around there!!!!

For more information on future events and how to get involved see the "East Algarve Cleanup" Facebook page.

W: https://www.worldcleanupday.org/ | https://plasticpatrol.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eastalgarve.cleanup.5


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