'Lifetime Musicals' Show Is A Huge Success

'LIFETIME MUSICALS' SHOW IS A HUGE SUCCESSThere were two unforgettable nights at the Albufeira Municipal Auditorium, where more than 200 people attended the premiere of LIFETIME MUSICALS - O Espetáculo. 

About two hundred people attended the premiere and could not remain indifferent to the frantic pace of the journey danced by stories like Wizard of Oz, Music in the Heart, Grease, Mama mia, Moulin Rouge, High School Musical, Burlesque, La La Land, among many others .

LIFETIME MUSICALS is a production of SFC - marketing and events agency, in co-production with Associação Soul, with the aim of creating offer in the dance area for brands, hotels, municipalities or companies looking for cultural animation created in the Algarve with semi-professional dancers.

Beatriz Camões, producer and choreographer of LIFETIME MUSICALS is also a dance teacher at Associação Soul and quickly realized the opportunity that was ahead of her: “There are many dancers in the Algarve, but there are few companies“ managing them ”and creating a supply of job. Flashmobs, performances in hotels or private events, cultural entertainment for cameras, all of which are mostly done by companies in Lisbon or Porto. When I taught at Associação Soul I realized that I had many dancers with enormous quality and a willingness to start working in this area. ”

LIFETIME MUSICALS is a show for all ages, danced by young dancers. A great choice to liven up any event, concert hall, hotel or the streets of Algarve towns and cities.


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