Algarve Film Producers Begin Search For Local Scriptwriters

ALGARVE FILM PRODUCERS BEGIN SEARCH FOR LOCAL SCRIPTWRITERSIn Partnership with Production Algarve and with the seal of approval of The Portugal Film Commission, Spy Manor Productions will host a three-day workshop free of charge to ten preselected local screenwriters, that will later be pitched to international streaming services.

The selected few will be given the chance to take part of the creation of a groundbreaking television series based in the Algarve, working alongside top independent film production and distribution companies.

The programme aims to nurture the creation of authentic Algarve rooted content that appeals to the international audience by engaging the local community’s talents and skills. The content created will be offered to broadcasters and networks to develop an Algarve based television series.

Among the renowned guest speakers joining the event is Pedro Lopes, author of Glória, NETFLIX’s first Portuguese original series directed by Tiago Guedes, which began production this year; the Algarvian screenwriter and director Vera Casaca, behind the films "On the phone with God" and "If Poirot was Here" as well as screenwriter and producer Luis Campos, founder of Squatter Factory.

The initiative’s motto reflects its purpose: ‘About the Algarve. Produced in the Algarve. Watched around the world. Made proudly in Portugal.’

The workshop will take place in December 2020 at Spy Manor Headquarters in Ferragudo, followed by a six to nine months writing collaboration that will culminate in a compelling pitch, a fully scripted episode, series story arcs and outline of future episodes.

Submissions are now open, applicants must be either Portuguese or have lived long enough in Portugal to be able to write a script authentic to the culture. Both the application form and the writing sample must be submitted in English.

Manuel Claro, film commissioner at the Portugal Film Commission said: “The Portugal Film Commission has expressed great interest in the initiative, supporting the importance of the workshop and its strong impact to the Algarve region.”

Pedro Lopes said: “We live in an exceptional time for the Audiovisual industry. The market needs new content, and the fiction produced in the peripheries has now the capacity to become global. The fundamental? Everything starts with a good idea. Now is the right time to encourage new talent to develop their skills and embrace a career in the Film and Entertainment sector.”

Julian Hicks, CEO of MovieBox said: "MBX are delighted to see Spy Manor Productions taking the lead with this innovative and worthwhile venture. MBX, as developers of a E100m studio project in the Algarve due to open in 2022, are keen to support and develop initiatives that invest in the long-term development of local regional talent. Spy Manor Production’s first writers’ workshop is an early milestone on this very exciting journey towards the production of globally relevant, universal stories made in the Algarve."

Vanda Everke, founder of Spy Manor Productions, said: “We believe Portugal has enormous potential to become a source of fresh and innovative content for major film distribution companies. The workshop will give ten screenwriters the unique opportunity to be involved in the development of an original Algarve based television series.”

Peter Ogunsalu, Producer and Business Development Executive at Spy Manor Productions said: “We are very excited to create this initiative, we hope the first of more to come, to shine a light on fresh emerging talent to embark on this new dawn for Portugal and The Algarve in The Film and Entertainment Industry.”

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