E-scooter fleet arrives in Faro

E-SCOOTERSSuperpedestrian has launched its LINK shared e-scooter fleet in Faro. Superpedestrian's fleet in Faro has 150 e-scooters, and by the end of the month it will expand by another 150 vehicles. During the launch period, all riders will enjoy free unlocks. Superpedestrian will also add an additional €5.00, €15.00 or €30.00 for free when riders load their in-app wallets with €5.00, €10.00 and €15.00 respectively during the entire launch period. 

The per-minute travel fee is 17 cents and the Superpedestrian service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To rent an e-scooter, riders simply need to download the “LINK” app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

This is truly a scooter that is here to stay. It is the toughest scooter on the market, with durable, high-quality hardware backed up by  advanced active safety features powered by onboard computers and artificial intelligence. The service is here to stay, too:  Superpedestrian has never withdrawn its service from any market during the licence period, nor has a Superpedestrian fleet ever been suspended or expelled from any city.

Superpedestrian’s service is already available in Lisbon. There, it has proved extremely popular with residents, with 100,000km ridden on LINK scooters in the first four weeks.

LINK e-scooters are longer and wider than alternative models, with strong front suspension, wide handlebars, triple brakes and weatherproofed sealed batteries.

The safety features and robustness of our scooter stand out from the market alternatives and allows you to ride comfortably even on the most bumpy surfaces, such as Faro’s historic city center,” says João Afonso, Operations Manager at Superpedestrian in Portugal.

Faro residents will receive the very latest safety features, including Superpedestrian’s advanced self-diagnostic systems (which run 1,000 vehicle health checks every second to ensure every scoter ride is safe) and onboard geofencing (which does not suffer cellular delays in preventing scooters from entering protected spaces).

Faro will also benefit from Superpedestrian’s revolutionary new Pedestrian Defense system. This feature not only detects unsafe behaviours, such as sidewalk riding, but intervenes in real-time to end unsafe rides. The groundbreaking new system is undergoing real-world testing and will be added to the Faro fleet next year.

We’re delighted to bring Superpedestrian's LINK e-scooters to Faro as our second Portuguese city,” comments Haya Verwoord Douidri, VP (Markets, Policy and Strategy) at Superpedestrian. I'm confident the Faro’s citizens will love our build quality and safety. At the same time, we will also bring more accessible and cost-effective solutions to enable everyone to take a LINK ride. ”

World-leading active safety systems
LINK features Superpedestrian’s patented Vehicle Intelligence system (VI). This network of sensors, microprocessors and AI runs 1,000 vehicle health checks every second during a ride, modifies performance to avoid component failures, notifies operations teams immediately if it is not upright (tip-over detection) and removes itself from service if it detects any one of 140 safety-critical conditions (including issues with electronics, battery, motor and brakes).  Simply put, VI is like having a full-scooter x-ray continuously, every time you go for a ride.

Four reasons riders love LINK scooters
A superior ride. The LINK scooter is 20% wider and 9% longer than the industry average, with wider handlebars and front suspension. This gives riders a far more stable riding experience, just as a downhill skier selects longer skis for more predictable handling.

  1. Long-range batteries. LINK scooters feature a 98km range battery, three times the industry average. This is perfect for commuters and shoppers, as well as the day trippers and tourists.
  2. High visibility in all weather. Super-bright LED lights front and rear that are always on, a rear light that brightens during braking, a unique LED ring light information system on the handlebar and safety-yellow paint scheme help make our riders clearly visible, any time of day or night.
  3. Sealed, secure, safe. Guarding against catastrophic battery failures is important in a city with a major river or near waterways, such as Faro. Our battery is triple-sealed to protect against inclement weather, vandals and water immersion - and VI automatically shuts down all circuits in five nanoseconds if water immersion is detected. 

About Superpedestrian

Superpedestrian is a world-leader in transportation robotics and human-scale mobility.

Spun out of MIT in 2013, we hold more than 40 patents in artificial intelligence and electrified vehicle technologies. We launched our shared mobility division in 2020 with our proprietary shared e-scooter, LINK. We are now serving more than 40 cities across seven countries.

Our pioneering active safety products set the benchmark for our industry, including VI (Vehicle Intelligence system) and Pedestrian Defense, the world’s first active system that prevents sidewalk riding rather than just detect it.

Our control center and test labs are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts (alongside MIT and Harvard University), where we develop and test our vehicles and monitor live data from our global fleets.

Superpedestrian is a fully carbon neutral business. Our mission is to improve lives by providing a safe, reliable and science-driven service that helps cities combat climate change, clean up air pollution and reduce road deaths.

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