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The Wildflowers Algarve Tour

THE WILDFLOWERS ALGARVE TOURWild Flowers are a female fronted 3 piece rock band with a sound spanning from 60s girl groups to 90s grunge,while keeping a modern feel.  We put on a high energy show to spread the joy of live and original music and hopefully to inspire young women to rock.  

The lead singer and primary song writer, Jess Martins, is Portuguese but raised in the USA. She was a figure of the Indie music scene over there (Via Audio, Modest Midas) and is now ready to bring the Rock home. 

Natasha Dow, bass player, was recently widowed; rock and roll has saved her soul. 

Drummer, Joe Mac, has been touring in Rock bands (Vegas Thunder, Dark Skies) since the early 90s. 

The Wildflowers are currently working on a self-released 5 song EP.

The band is bringing the DIY Indie approach, playing associations, house parties and small bars. 

For more information visit them on Instagram or Facebook

Contact the band at Wldflwrsmusic@gmail.com


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