Upcoming exhibition at Galeria de Santo António, Monchique

UPCOMING EXHIBITION AT GALERIA DE SANTO ANTÓNIO, MONCHIQUEThe “Paintings by Liz Allen” exhibition at the Galeria de Santo António, Monchique opens on 7th March to 6th April 2023.

Liz says "I was excited to find out that the Câmera municipal / town council of Monchique had offered me an exhibition at the municipal gallery. I’d always hoped for an exhibition there before my time is up in Monchique, as the place has provided so much material for my work."

"The exhibition will include more than thirty paintings from different eras going back as far as 2008! The work will include not just paintings of and around Monchique, also Lagos, VN Milfontes, Aljezur, and Porto."

"Over the years, my work has revolved around the unspoilt countryside around Monchique more and more. Recently, it has often been about trees, but my latest painting  'Village Houses near Monchique' does indeed feature some houses. Set in the landscape with the hills rolling away in the background, this group of houses were damaged in the 2018 fires, and some became ruins. Evidently some of these houses are still very much inhabited though.

To see a portfolio of Liz's work or for more info, please CLICK HERE.

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