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Monthly Writing Workshops in Monchique for 2023

MONTHLY WRITING WORKSHOPS IN MONCHIQUE FOR 2023Writing Workshops are to be held monthly on Saturdays, from 2.30pm – 4.30pm at Rua do Viador, 75, Monchique, the first will be held this weekend, May 13th.

First workshop: Writing Memoirs, 13th May 2023 If you have ever wanted to write stories either of your own life, or others, or simply make them up, do join us. Everyone welcome - no matter how experienced/inexperienced you are. We all have unique stories to tell.

Please email for more information and future workshop dates: lisa.selvidge@sapo.pt

Writing Memoirs

Have you ever wanted to write about events in your life? It needn’t be your entire life; it may be about your childhood, a holiday or a journey, or someone special you met. Perhaps you are inspired by events that have happened to members of your family? Or perhaps someone in the family is a source of inspiration? Perhaps you yourself lived through an important historical moment? Everyone has stories to tell and these workshops will give you the opportunity to learn how to tell them. We will practise how to describe places and people, how to structure and how to use different narrative techniques. In each workshop we will look at short extracts of published memoirs, do short writing exercises and discuss aspects of writing. Feedback available.

Writing Fiction

Lisa Selvidge Striving to tell the truth is one thing, but writing fiction is a legitimate form of making things up! Of course, it must be believable and in these workshops we will look at how to make fiction convincing, how to create three-dimensional characters, how to plot without it seeming contrived, the importance of research, how to use the senses in order to create a place the reader can visualise, and how to narrate. We will also consider sources of inspiration, starting points for writing, the importance of observing and listening, and practise narrative techniques such as ‘show’ not ‘tell’. In each workshop we will look at short extracts of fiction, do short writing exercises and discuss the craft of writing fiction. Feedback available.

About the tutor:

Lisa Selvidge has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and has been teaching creative writing for thirteen years at both the Norwich School of Art & Design and the UEA. She currently teaches online courses for the University of Oxford. She has published the Writing Fiction Workbook. Her own fiction includes The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall, Beyond the Sea and The Magic Campervan.

Writing Workshops are open to all nationalities but will be conducted in English. Please note that these are not courses as such and you are welcome to attend as many or as few workshops as you wish.

To reserve a place, please contact Lisa lisa.selvidge@sapo.pt or 962887680. Minimum 6 people, maximum 12.  

W: lisa.selvidge.net

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