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Cinderella - Tickets are now on sale

CINDERELLA - TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALEAs the cast of THE ALGARVEANS drama group rehearse their November production of CINDERELLA, the crew are hard at work behind the scenes preparing this year’s pantomime. In case you’ve ever wondered what goes into a production, here is an explanation given by Jenni Bekker - an experienced stage manager.

“Actors love performing in the limelight; they thrive in front of an audience. It takes ten actors to change a lightbulb: one to hold it and nine to declare, ‘It should be me up there in the spotlight!’

“Without all the crew and technicians, actors would just be naked people standing on a dark empty stage talking to themselves. The majority of the work happens behind the scenes and long before the show; sets need to be designed, built and painted; costumes have to be made, fitted and cleaned; props need to be sourced or created; sound, lighting and special effects designed.

“There are choreographers and voice coaches, makeup artists, hairdressers, and front of house volunteers to be found to meet and greet patrons, run the bar or help with tickets. There is also a busy publicity and advertising department to get the word out.

“Then on the night, there is the stage crew – the stealthy shadows that move scenery and furniture without the audience being aware of them; and behind them all, the director of course, aided by assistant directors, who decides on every aspect of the performance, by the stage manager who makes that happen and a production manager who manages the budget and assists with enlisting people to do all the above.

“So there’s a place in theatre for every type of person: whether you’re theatrical, creative, business-like, practical or great with people. Amateur theatre is all about making connections and meeting new people. If you have ever thought this might appeal, do get in touch.”

CINDERELLA - the Pantomime is playing at the Carlos de Carmo Auditorium, Lagoa on Fri 17th and Sat 18th November at 7:45 pm with matinées on Sat 18th and Sun 19th November at 2 pm.

Tickets priced €15 are available via BOL.pt, Worten, FNAC or Auditório Carlos do Carmo in Lagoa.


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