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Skin Care and Eye Care Presentations - Tavira, June 6th

SKIN CARE AND EYE CARE PRESENTATIONS - TAVIRA, JUNE 6THOn Thursday June 6th, in the public library in Tavira, there will be two health care presentations - on skin cancer/sun care in the morning and on eye care and cataracts in the afternoon.

In the morning, the SNS dermatologist Dra Clarisse Rebelo will talk about general skin care in the sun and how to spot skin cancers and in the afternoon the eye care presentation will be given by ophthalmologist Dr João Rosendo, who will give information about general eye care and the early warning signs of vision problems and will also cover the treatment of cataracts.

The events are organised by afpop, as part of their ‘AFPOP Presents …’ programme, which has already covered the topics of prostate cancer and dementia awareness. The presentations are open to anyone who would like to attend – free to afpop Members and there is a small €10 fee for non-Members.

The morning presentation will start at 10.30am and the afternoon session will begin at 2.30pm. 

To book your place at either or both presentations, please contact Marisa Neves on apoio@afpop.com.  The presentations will be in English.

Photo courtesy of Depositphotos.com 

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