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Vila Vita Parc reduces its water consumption

VILA VITA Parc reduces its water consumptionVILA VITA Parc reduces its water consumption in 85% through an innovative desalination process.

Always at the forefront of ecological initiatives and certified as an Eco-Hotel since 2015 by the TÜV Rheinland Group, VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa has invested in the implementation of an environmentally friendly sea water desalination process, with the intention of substantially reducing its consumption of water from the public network and creating a future situation of self-sufficiency. This process will also allow VILA VITA Parc to extract its own salt, thus creating further benefits, benefiting the resort’s 10 restaurants.

Nowadays, all the water used to fill up the resort’s lakes and 7 swimming pools, as well as the water used to irrigate the gardens that occupy 60% of the 23 hectares that VILA VITA Parc offers, comes from the Atlantic Ocean.
The water treatment system, with a capacity of 440m3 per day, collects water from the ocean which, after a previous disinfection, makes its way into the underground treatment tanks at VILA VITA Parc. The water is then filtered so that it becomes free of any impurities/particles, before being desalinated by osmosis, which will make it adequate for general use.

The implementation of this system, in July 2015, originated a water consumption reduction of 2,3m3 per guest, per night, in 2014, to 1,68m3 at the end of 2015. These numbers have continued to lower, year after year, having recently been registered an average water consumption in 2017 of 0,35m3 per guest, per night, which means a reduction of around 85% when compared to the average consumption registered in 2014, before the implementation of the system.

VILA VITA Parc's implementation of an environmentally friendly sea water desalination process

Sustainability at VILA VITA Parc:
In 2016, VILA VITA Parc received its second consecutive award as World’s Leading Luxury Green Resort at the World Travel Awards. The resort regularly endorses different types of sustainability, from the support of local businesses and arts, to the implementation of pioneer and innovative technology for energy and water consumption reduction, the replacement of its car fleet to hybrid and electrical vehicles and the use of organic products (meat, olive oil, jams, honey and much more) from Herdade dos Grous, its farm in the Alentejo region.

VILA VITA Parc • Alporchinhos • 8400-450 Porches • Algarve • Portugal • Tel: 351 (0) 282 31 01 00 • vilavitaparc.com

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