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SHS Lithium Battery Solutions versus TESLA Powerwall

SHS Lithium Battery Solutions versus TESLA PowerwallAlthough TESLA promised to deliver a 3-phase Powerwall in July last year, they could only provide a single-phase version. Promises to have it by end of 2017 also failed, still nothing has happened.
After waiting for more then 1 year it seems TESLA is not going to offer the 3-phase Powerwall in Portugal anytime soon. What is the problem?

Most households in Portugal have a 3-phase grid connection to get enough supply from EDP, divided over those 3 phases. A single-phase Powerwall will only harvest 1/3 of the surplus PV production and only feed that 1 phase it is connected to.
In other words it is very inefficient to use it in a 3-phase grid. Also their built-in inverter is not approved in Portugal yet.

Most European countries invested a lot to upgrade their electricity grid, which results in a much easier single-phase grid.

What is the Solution?
Lithium Battery RacksSHS Solar Solutions now offers a great solution: Lithium Battery Racks

- Stackable Racks per 2,4Kw

- So much more flexible per individual demand
(TESLA is 13,5Kw which also means much more PV panels)

- Lithium Racks are also saving you about 5% on the total investment !

- 10 year warranty on all Lithium batteries !

Visit our www.shs-pt.com for more information, and to read regular news updates to keep you informed about the latest sustainable and renewable developments.

T: 932 650 496
E: info@shs-pt.com


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