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Art exhibition to raise funds for Terra Saudável's fight against avocado monoculture

avocadoThe artists of Barão de São João and Terra Saudável this year are reflecting on environmental issues in more direct, sometimes more sarcastic tone, in an exhibition titled, BiodiversidARTE.

The exhibition of works from the artists of Barão de São João, an event in the Lagos village that happens every year around the time of the feast of São João, can be viewed from 18.30 on June 22nd.

Terra Saudável was created in 2017 with the aim of preventing the enlargement of the largest avocado tree monoculture in Europe at land in Barão de São João and is dedicated to the preservation of the environment and the dissemination of alternative, clean techniques for agricultural production.

This year, under the theme of ‘a healthy land, our heritage,’ Barão Artists and the Terra Saudável group have gathered to reflect on the day-to-day options that allow us to maintain biodiversity, health and the preservation of the environment.

More sarcastic or perhaps more adventurous, the works of artists such as Sofia Portela, Nina Bradley, Gonçalo Cabral, Eva Herre, Carl Zimmerling and others, reflects the materials and techniques used in each artist’s work as well as different approached to these issues.

The invitation is to meet at the Church at around 6.30pm and walk along the streets while the artists explain their works.

Arriving at the Cultural Centre, there will be time to eat, drink and dance and also buy postcards illustrating the works of the artists, with the aim of raising funds for Terra Saudável’s work.




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