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Azores microgrid gets government go-ahead

WindmillsAzoresGraciólica Lda’s microgrid power facility receives production license from Regional Secretary of Energy, Environment and Tourism of Azores.

Graciólica Lda and its EMS provider Greensmith Energy, a Wärtsilä company, are proud to announce that the Graciosa project company, Graciólica Lda, has received its production license from the Regional Secretary of Energy, Environment and Tourism of Azores, Mrs. Marta Isabel Vieira Guerreiro. The announcement was made during her visit of Graciólica hybrid plant on July 11, 2018.

The Regional Secretary affirmed: …that the project met the technical and functional requirements, allowing the production license to be issued today, "in order to start the test phase of energy production in operation of the system as a whole," as an essential step so that, later on, "energy can be injected into the grid with the required quality…”.

Sra. Guerreiro also stated "This private investment, budgeted at a total value of 26 million euros, is extremely important for Graciosa Island, along with several projects that we have been developing in the Azores, in favour of a growing use of renewable energy resources".

Graciólica is delighted to receive its Production Licence which allows the entire system to carry electricity. Starting production is a significant step as we are completing the final commissioning stages for our ground-breaking Hybrid Plant. Graciólica would like to thank Electricidade dos Açores (EDA), Direção Regional da Energia and the Government of the Azores for their constant support for this project and our shared belief in greener future for electricity generation in the Azores.

Greensmith Energy is very pleased to be part of the Graciosa Hybrid Renewable Power Plant project, which is integrating solar, wind energy and energy storage to the local island grid and meet the growing energy needs of the Azores. With Greensmith’s GEMS software platform, Graciólica has the ability to further optimize its multiple grid assets and increase the safety, reliability and flexibility of its power grid and better serve its customers in the region.

The Graciosa island Hybrid Renewable Power Plant enables 1 MW of solar and 4.5 MW of wind power to supply over 60% of the island’s electricity demand, using lithium-ion batteries as energy storage and for grid forming.

Graciólica is a project developed by HowardScott with support from Tractebel Engineering & Greensmith Energy.

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