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Pound exchange rates firm, could upbeat GDP figures fuel a sustained recovery?

Pound US Dollar exchange rate swings lower following upbeat Fed MeetingThe pound rallied against the majority of its peers on Thursday, with the currency finding some support on suggestions it had been oversold earlier in the week.
Sterling’s performance appears a little more mixed this morning however, with GBP/EUR rising to €1.1156, GBP/AUD climbing to AU$1.7480 and GBP/CAD holding steady at C$1.6730, while GBP/NZD edges down to NZ$1.9385 and GBP/USD plummets to $1.2860.
Whether the pound can continue its recovery will depend on today’s UK GDP figures, with an underwhelming result potentially propelling the currency to new lows…

Premier FX customers - help and advice over missing funds

PremierFXPremier FX, the foreign exchange specialist with a branch in Almancil, closed down last Friday, leaving many customers unable to access their funds.

Shortly before the announcement was posted on the PremierFX website, individual account balances were shown as zero, staff were fired, offices closed, phones and emails were left unanswered.

Premier FX victims band together over social media

PremierFXThe despair triggered last weekend by the vanishing act of a “respected” foreign exchange company has developed into a steely determination by clients to get their money back, writes Natasha Donn from The Portugal Resident.

Today (Thursday) the Facebook page “Victims of Premier FX” was launched, as well as the group of the same name.

Pound US Dollar exchange rate swings lower following upbeat Fed Meeting

Currencies DirectWhile trade in the pound remained thin on Wednesday in the run up to today’s Bank of England (BoE) rate decision, it still saw some notable movement against the US dollar in the wake of the Federal Reserve’s policy meeting.
Meanwhile Sterling remains largely static this morning, with GBP/EUR flat at €1.1246, GBP/CAD subdued at C$1.7035, while GBP/AUD and GBP/NZD hold steady at to AU$1.7728 and NZ$1.9325 respectively, Only GBP/USD appears to be bucking this trend so far as it tumbles 0.4% to $1.3082.
Looking ahead, the pound could see some significant volatility today as the BoE is expected to deliver a long-awaited rate hike.

Pound US dollar exchange rate picks up as markets express doubts over US GDP

Currencies DirectThe pound remained fairly stable against its peers on Friday, only really gaining against the US dollar as markets reacted to the latest US GDP figures.
Sterling starts today on a strong footing, with GBP/EUR rising to €1.1251 and GBP/CAD ticking up to C$1.7137, while GBP/USD is trading at $1.3116 and GBP/AUD and GBP/NZD are both holding steady at AU$1.7727 and NZ$1.9275 respectively.
Looking ahead the euro may start the week in a position of strength as economists forecast Germany will print some robust inflation figures later today.

PremierFX goes into liquidation - trading suspended

cashPremier FX Limited (‘PFX’) : Following the death of the founder of PremierFX and sole director, Peter Rexstrew, in June of this year, the new directors have become concerned about the cash flow solvency of the company.

Weekly Currency Forecast

Weekly Financial Update

It was yet another one of those weeks last week, where Brexit news and President Trump dominated the headlines. It wasn’t good news for Sterling, the UK unit suffering under the spotlight and slumping to the mid 1.11’s against the Euro before gaining slightly to the 1.12 level we start this week at.
But there’s now a lull, as the UK parliament heads off for their summer holidays from Wednesday for six weeks, and the economic data calendar is empty.

Barclays Top Selection Vintage Utilities IV investment - "don't believe a word your bank manager tells you"

barclayslogo2I notice that Barclays Bank is running an advertisement on UK TV designed to help people avoid fraud, writes a Dear Reader.

What a shame it never ran a similar ad, here in Portugal, to warn people not to invest in their very own 'Top Selection Vintage Utilities IV' investment scheme.