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Avenida - a brand new restaurant in Lagos

Avenida - a brand new restaurant in LagosAvenida is a brand new restaurant located in the main avenue of sunny Lagos, Portugal. Its part of the Lagos Avenida Hotel, just opposite Lagos Marina. 

The Restaurant serves international cuisine, locally sourced and globally inspired. The food is European, you have a mixed gastronomy, to complement the wines they have selected - the best wines in the world !

"Our Restaurant has an open kitchen, you can sit by the counter and watch our chefs performing and do amazing creations. Locally sourced, globally inspired ! Its our concept. We make sure that we have the best local products, since Lagos is a fisherman city our fish is top !"

Dutch chef, Roeland Klein, used to work in Hermitage a Michelin star restaurant in Netherland, but one day in vacations he fell in love with Lagos and the slow lifestyle and decided to make Lagos his home.

"We really value our products, and we want to have the best products, one example is our meat, we have one of the best meat in the world El capricho meat."

Website: www.avenidarestaurante.pt
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avenida_restaurante/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AvenidaRestaurantelagos/

Avenida - a brand new restaurant in Lagos


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