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Private Chef experience SUPPER STARS turns your home in the Algarve into the best restaurant

Private Chef experience SUPPER STARSWith over 100 professional chefs in Portugal, Spain and in the United Kingdom, SUPPER STARS brings a talented brigade of world class private chefs to serve up gourmet gastronomic experiences in homes across the Algarve.

SUPPER STARS offers diners an easy way to transform their private setting into an exclusive restaurant. With chefs hailing from some of the world’s best restaurants, including Noma, Gaggan, The Fat Duck, El Bulli and Mugaritz, SUPPER STARS promises fine dining like never before – all accessible, convenient and arranged as easily as booking a restaurant online.

Turns your home in the Algarve into the best restaurant...Whether you are a resident looking to entertain friends and family, or a visitor looking to relax throughout the holidays free of all food related concerns, the chefs are available for tailor-made dining experiences at home, aboard a boat, or at any other exclusive location. With menus ranging from a light lunch or a barbecue, to a fine-dining meal, Foodies can expect to dig into delectable dishes from signature menus which reflect each chef’s individual origin, experience and influences.

Available throughout the year, SUPPER STARS has the solution for the perfect celebration on a special date or moment in life. You can enjoy plenty of laughs over delicious food on a birthday party or other anniversary. Or let your hair down with the girls on a hen-party dinner prepared and served by a professional chef. As well as to have a memorable experience on a wedding reception for friends and family, the party on the big day, or the exclusive elopement ceremony.

Foodies can also explore the local culture as expressed by food in the company of a local chef. Whether on a private tour or a private cooking workshop, the chefs will teach tricks and tips as well as share their perspective on the local ingredients, the flavours, the techniques and the habits.

SUPPER STARS brings a talented brigade of world class private chefs to serve up gourmet gastronomic experiences in homes across the Algarve.SUPPER STARS private chef experiences are available from 35€ per person. Simply select a chef and book online. Menus suit adventurous and traditional diners alike and meals can be tailored to suit dietary requirements. Every detail of the experience is taken care of, with the selected chef bringing all ingredients required on the day. Each dish is prepared, presented and served. Once the cooking is done, the chef will also clean the kitchen, meaning the most the diners have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Website: www.thesupperstars.com
Email: info@suppertstars.pt
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/supperstars.pt
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/supperstars.pt
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/supper-stars
Twitter: www.twitter.com/thesupperstars



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