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https://algarvedailynews.com/food-wine/17711-profit-bread-for-lifeWe are led to buy standard food, harmful to health. In order to boost production and make a profit for expensive TV advertising or to support politicians, plants are far away from the consumer. Supermarket chains sell bread with a long shelf life. Or bake cheapest breads on site.

A number of enlightened families demand better quality food. Also elderly, who are asked by doctors to have a better diet to alleviate the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

Set up your shop near a supermarket, where many people pass or in a shopping mall. It should be called PÃO SÃO (Healthy Bread), in short, that makes clients realise it is special. Attach in the bread packaging one/two creative business cards, which gives a discount, such as ‘5 stamps, 6th loaf for free” for the client and a friend.
Give out hints signed by a nutritionist called “PÃO É VIDA” (Bread is Life) for clients and friends. Whoever enters your website should get detailed information and links to scientific research abstracts. It brings prestige to your site.
Use an ad agency. Write brief posts on Facebook, with a link to your website. Loyal customers: send them information about Bread, Health and Beauty. And give some bread to a young lad to distribute a printed version to the homes nearby.
Production must be diversified. Use dehydrated sweet potatoes, multi grains, ground almonds, oregano. Never use gluten, sugar and almost never, milk. A little fleur de sel, never normal salt. Never trans or saturated fat, soy or corn oil. Use coconut or sunflower oil, dehydrated egg and bio yeast.
The validity of these breads is, in general, about 12 days; frozen, 90 days. Write this on the packaging 'for sale in gourmet and bio stores'. In your sweet pastry, avoid fine wheat and sugar as possible, innovating the sweets with stevia, honey and a mixture of whole wheat, corn flour, etc.
You will make no profit in the first year, as your bread will be expensive. As information about your SME spreads, sales volume and profit will increase. Be prepared to wake up early and work long hours a day, in the first year. For there is no one better than the business owner himself to convince customers to come back and bring friends.

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