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5 Tips To Pair Like A Pro

5 TIPS TO PAIR LIKE A PROWe give you five tips to pair your wine with food. It could be 50 and there would be still a lot to learn about wine complexity.
We at Repolho Gastrobar have the best combinations to pair food and wine in complete harmony, just like a simphony tou your palate.

Here are a few!

  • Be aware that wines with more “wood” gain complexity and texture so they go well with similar foods

To better balance your food/wine experience, try a more complex wine, with diferente “nunces” in taste, with also complex dishes to challenge your taste buds and intensify the discovery of new flavours

  • Pair food and wine with the same “body”

Like the previous tip, it would be ridiculous to pair a perfectly charcoal grilled seabass with a Baga, for instance. The wine “body” woul ruin the elegance aof the food as i tis a lot stronger.

Or you wouldn’t pair na Arinto with Cozido à Portuguesa. The food is so heavy that the wine would only be good to calm your dirst.

  • High acidity wines are better to pair with acidic or bitter meals

By balancing the acidic flavours of the wine and food all the other flavours bring out the essence and scents of the ingredientes. This aplies for exemple to the traditional Algarve salad with lot’s of vinegar or to oysters with lemon paired with white wine.

  • Wines with high tanins need protein

The wines with higher tanins are those made from grapes with thicker peels, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Nebbiolo, Baga, Petit Verdot, Sangiovese Grosso, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Alfrocheiro, Touriga Franca, Souzão,among others. A wine with higher tanins tastes dry and gives a sensation of dirst wich increases the salivation process, which the protein helps to contain. Beef and other red meats, specialy rare, are the best to pair with this type of wine

  • Look for connection ingredientes

Connection ingredients and side dishes also connect wine and food by its intereactions, either by taste, body, intensity or basic flavour (sweet, savory, sour, bitter…)

Some dressings or side dishes may affect the food itself and, therefore, the wine to pair with.

For example, with sauteed mushrooms, we recommend a lighter wine but if you choose a mushroom risotto which usualy contains cheese, meaning the flavour would be a lot more intense, we would recommend a more full bodied wine.

Wine and food pairing can be complex so, the invitation remains to stop by at Repolho to discover a bit more about Portuguese wine secrets!


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