The Best BBQ-ing Technology

THE BEST BBQ-ING TECHNOLOGYKeeping up with the state of the art technologies is a tough job but it can make a huge difference when it comes to our daily chores, especially when it comes to cooking!

If you enjoy hosting barbeque parties on Sundays or you’re just a fan of grilled food, then you should definitely keep reading this article. 

Have you ever heard about infrared outdoor grills? Well, if you haven’t, it’s about time to check them out! Now you’re probably saying: “Wait, what? What are those infrared outdoor grills?”  No worries, we came prepared to answer this question! 

An infrared outdoor grill is a type of grill that uses infrared radiation to heat up the cooking area. Infrared radiation is a radiation that is invisible to the human eye. If you remember, it was used for data transferring back in the day.

Although it might sound dangerous, infrared radiation is a type of radiation that can be used to increase the temperature in a short time, so you will be able to cook the meat exactly as you like, really fast. Infrared radiation is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is invisible to the human eye and it is perfectly safe to use this type of grills in our homes.

These grills are getting extremely popular due to their wide range of sizes and types. You can find a portable infrared grill, infrared outdoor grills, and even mini versions for indoor use. 

Because they are available in a wide range of models, it can get pretty confusing, even for a professional cook, when it comes to choosing the best infrared grill for you. This review will help you choose the infrared grill that best suits your needs.

Firstly, you must decide where do you want to use the grill. If you’re a fan of backyard barbeque parties, you might want to get an infrared outdoor grill. Then, you should look up to the type of food that you will be cooking on the grill.

Infrared outdoor grills can heat up to 1,800 degrees Celsius, and because of this, most of them come with a rotisserie rear burner. This kind of model is perfect for rotisserie lovers since it allows you to cook perfectly rotisserie foods such as chicken or even beef.

Apart from these special features, you can also find the very useful but basic ones, like the built-in thermometer, an ignition button, and, depending on the grill’s model, cabinet storage space for your grill accessories. I suggest you also have a look at the best kamado grill just in case you find something interesting.

If you’re cooking different types of meat, some grills let you have a different temperature in the cooking area, so you can cook different foods at once without burning them. Also, infrared outdoor grills are not prone to flare-ups because of the high temperature they’re using. Anything that drips from the food is instantly vaporized, rather than catching fire (see best charcoal grills), so your food won’t get burn and your household will be perfectly safe when using this grill.

If you are the type of person that enjoys multitasking, then some infrared grills have a special feature that might suit you: a side burner. The side burner can be used for cooking the side dish at the same time as the main course, so you can cook for example the steak on the cooking area and the barbeque sauce on the side burner and the main course will be done in no time!

The portable infrared grill comes in handy if you enjoy a barbeque party when you’re away on a holiday. It can be easily stored and it fits perfectly in your car because it doesn’t take a lot of space. 

Although the infrared outdoor grills may be a little bit more on the expensive side than the usual charcoal or gas grills, we think they are worth every penny. Usually, they are made of stainless steel that is more durable and resistant and, also, easier to clean. Overall, they require little to no maintenance at all and stand perfectly the test of time.

Also, because they can heat up to 1800 degrees Celsius, rather than just 250 degrees for a usual charcoal grill, you will be able to cook any type of food very fast and evenly. The infrared grill also lets you select different temperatures in the cooking area. 

With these directions in mind, we hope that you can effortlessly choose the best infrared grill for you and your family. Your food will always be praised by your friends and you can now have so much fun spending time with your loved ones thanks to the fast cooking infrared outdoor grill!


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