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Palm Beach is Back!

PALM BEACH IS BACK!From the time Palm Beach opened in 2017 the restaurant has been building on its reputation as one of the finest beachside  eating venues  in the region. Paulo and his team provide a first-class service in a relaxed and beautiful environment.

The Algarve has long been known for its seafood and Palm Beach has found a fantastic blend between the traditional Portuguese recipes and more modern culinary techniques. Good examples would be two of the restaurant most popular dishes. The Rack of Lamb has that fine dining feel to it (presented beautifully on a large plate) while the Piri-Piri Prawns could be straight from a local diner and fingers and bread dipping are a must!

This unique blend makes the Palm Beach a favourite with families and couples alike, somehow managing to find a way to be a restaurant for both a romantic anniversary dinner or a relaxing family lunch.

Located on the beach in Armação de Péra in front of (the Holiday Inn) on Avenida Beira Marl this fantastic restaurant is a must for locals and tourists alike.

Awarded the “Clean & Safe” certification by the local government and ensuring protocols are adhered to by staff and guests alike, Paulo and his team have made clients safety and comfort their primary focus.

Due to the reduced capacity created by the need for social distancing, advanced booking is more important than ever, especially over the weekend. Please do call ahead to ensure you are not disappointed.  If anyone at your table has a dietary requirement, please do mention this either when booking or to a waiter to ensure they can look after everyone properly.

T282 322 087
E: palm.beach@hialgarve.com

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