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"Mundus Vini 2013" wine competition in Germany

Mundus Vini 20133 Wines - 3 Awards. Quinta dos Vales' wines have achieved much recognition throughout the globe, and reaching as far as China in its few years of existence. Recognition in the German market has, however, remained elusive for several years. Germany, along with Switzerland, is of great importance as the only European market which focuses mostly on higher quality wines.

Mundus Vini 2013 AwardsWhile already actively exporting to Germany, having national recognition there is of quintessential importance and allows to penetrate further and generate higher sales volumes.

This year Quinta dos Vales has finally managed to breakthrough in German territory, achieving 3 medals in 'Mundus Vini 2013' with as many types of wine. The Marquês dos Vales Primeira Selecção 2012 rosé along with the Grace Vineyard 2012 white were both awarded Silver medals, but the winner was really the Grace Vineyard 2008 red which won the coveted Gold medal.

This year was already packed full of achievements for Estombar's renowned winery, with 19 national and international medals and awards, and started with an early breakthrough in China with a Double Gold for its Marquês dos Vales Selecta 2010 red in the 'CWSA Best Value 2013', while simultaneously grabbing the 'Portuguese Producer of the Year' award.

T: +351 282 431 036
W: www.quintadosvales.eu
Facebook: QuintaDosVales.Vinho.e.Arte

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