Spread the Wine

Spread the WineSpread the Wine embraces artisan wine producers from across Portugal, and carefully selects a small portfolio of premium wines from the Douro, Dão, Alentejo and Vinho Verde regions.

Our quest for wine and food takes us, sometimes, on rough tracks and to remote hamlets, but we bring back gorgeous products and inspiring stories of family owned businesses and socially committed projects.

We are committed to spread the word about PortugalWe are thrilled to offer these boutique products which reflect an artisanal approach, and are able to create distinct experiences that delight your taste buds, cheer the senses and nourish the soul.

The Spread the Wine mission is not only to export and bring these products closer to the consumer, but also to transmit part of Portuguese cultural heritage and raise awareness to our country. We are committed to spread the word about Portugal.

And if there is anything you want and is not in our portfolio … you just contact us.

We have available for you a superb range that each tell a story about Portugal and it's heritage in quality wine making.

For more information please contact me at martin.pickles@spreadthewine.pt or check out our website at www.spreadthewine.pt.

PT: +351 939 815 063
UK: +44 7534 305 416

Spread the Wine

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