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New Physical Therapy clinic opens in the Algarve

New Physical Therapy clinic opens in the Algarve - David MurphyThe new Physical Therapy clinic specialising in painful joints and muscular issues.

Neuromuscular Physical Therapist David Murphy has decided to up and leave cold and rainy Ireland and set up here in the Algarve after running a very successful clinic for 10 years there.

He specialises in treating very painful conditions that most people believe they are stuck with like Sciatica, Osteoarthritis, Frozen shoulder to name a few.

“Most people have to take painkillers or anti-inflammatories just to make it through the day says David, “but recent press reports have shown they don’t always work and have other side effects such as stomach upset etc. I have used the latest techniques in soft tissue release and pain management to restore some, if not all range of movement to the affected joint/muscle but most importantly the reduction of pain is immediate”.

David treating a recent patientHaving moved here in November last year, he has set up a clinic in Mexilhoeira grande. Immediately, David noticed a lot of people walking around struggling to walk with back or leg problems, or holding their knees when they were sitting in a shopping centre or park bench.

This, according to David is unnecessary pain,

Having treated many people in Ireland for 10 years, I left with a very well respected reputation as a therapist that gets results, and had lots of referrals from GP’s/Nurses, and a very respected Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Imran Sharif, who would refer patients to me when he felt an operation could be avoided. Not an easy task for a Physical therapist as the medical field can be very closed off in Ireland."

Differing from Physiotherapy where they are not as hands on and offer a lot more in the lines of rehab in Hospitals etc., Physical Neuromuscular therapy allows David to use many different techniques such as Dry needling and Graston Technique which go a little deeper into the muscle when treating, as only having to specialise in Musclo-skeletal /Myofascial based disorders. This makes it very easy to treat with quick results, without the need for 10 costly sessions where very little difference is felt after treatment.

A local GP Dr Sean McGrath based in David’s Irish business locale is recently quoted as saying,

“There was a big void in the marketplace when Dave left recently in Sept 2016, I only knew him, as my patients were coming into me saying they didn’t need any more painkillers for their back or shoulder problem as David had treated and fixed the issue."

The same was also true from Mr Sharif (Orthopaedic Surgeon) on learning of David’s move to the Algarve who emailed the following,

"Dear Dave, So sorry to hear that you are leaving your practice. It will be a big loss for Navan and County Meath. I am sure that you will do well wherever you go as your clients speak very highly of you, all the best and if there is anything that you need from me, like reference, etc I will be happy to do that. Best wishes, Imran."

The Algarve needs to see and try these new techniques and share in David’s success at treating painful issues such as above. No point in having the sun, sea and lifestyle if you can’t enjoy it pain free!

Some of the treatments available are as follows:

Neuromuscular Physical therapy
Method of releasing muscle and joint pain by manipulation of the soft tissue, restoring full range of movement to damage joints like shoulder and elbow etc.

Dry needling
Technique of releasing painful trigger points in the neck/shoulder/back and all other areas using thin needles to open and release the muscle tightness and restore full range of movement to the area.

Graston technique
Technique of soft tissue release using thin metal tools to iron out the adhesions in long term issues and hypersensitivity in cases such as fibromyalgia, chronic arthritis and long term mid to lower back pain.

Trigenics technique
A nerve restoration treatment using light force and manipulation of a joint to fully restore the joint to its original state and instantly relieve pain, Very effective in increasing strength to a dormant muscle or giving you a pre-race head start that improves overall performance.

David outside the clinic in Mexilhoeira GrandeHours of opening:
Tues 09.30am – 12.30pm
Weds 09.30am – 12.30pm
Thursday 09.30am – 12.30pm

For more information regarding treatments please contact David on:

T:  928 022 494
Address: 7 Largo Damaso Rocha, Mexilhoeira Grande, 8500-132, Algarve


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0 #4 David Murphy 2017-05-19 20:10
Thanks guys for the nice comments. Sorry I'm only seeing them now.. Much appreciated. Dave
+1 #3 Angelika Becker 2017-04-21 13:14
Thank you, David, for the most effective dry needling. My sciatica pain has ceased and I feel so much better.
Obrigada, Angelika
+3 #2 Kathie Lancaster 2017-02-11 19:45
I have seen the effects dry needling has had on a friend's back and he says the pain issue is NOT an issue now. Best of luck Dave!
+5 #1 Mary Gordon 2017-02-10 17:06
Dave I miss you so much and so does my back !!
Don't be surprised to see me in Algarve at some stage , hope all is going well . X Mary

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