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How Are Infrared Heaters Beneficial to Your Health

How Are Infrared Heaters Beneficial to Your HealthNot all forms of heating are created equally. Some contribute to the home in a healthy way when others don't. Keeping your house warm is important, but protecting the health of your family has to be the priority. Fireplaces are basically just pollutant machines. Gas fueled forms of heating can contribute to carbon monoxide poisoning.

There are many different types of heating, but not all of these will provide the same benefits as infrared heaters. Adding a heater that uses infrared tech to heat the home provides many healthful benefits that other secondary heat sources simply don't. But just how healthy are they? And how exactly do they work?

The Basics

An infrared heater uses infrared radiation to supply heat. The heater transfers the heat to bodies of lower temperature. No contact is necessary for this, as the heat is transferred through invisible wavelengths.
That might seem a little confusing. It basically means that a portable infrared heater might not heat the air around you, but it will transfer its heat onto you. This is useful for heating busy spaces - like the kitchen or living room - without pumping precious hot air into an empty area. A heater using infrared technology will save you time and energy costs.

The Benefits
Now that you have more understanding on how something like an infrared room heater might work, it starts to become clear why these heaters are known for healthy heating. Here are just a few of the most important points you should know about infrared heating.

How Are Infrared Heaters Beneficial to Your HealthZero Emissions
Say you installed a wood burning stove to add a secondary heat source to your home. There is no doubt that it would contribute to keeping the house warm. Along with that warmth, however, it would also contribute to the invading carbon monoxide and toxic pollutants.
Electing to purchase an infrared heater means there will be no carbon monoxide added to the home. Infrared technology does not require any chemicals to operate and the unit emits absolutely zero pollutants into your home.

Clean Air
Remember that wood burning stove? Along with carbon monoxide and other poisonous emissions, it will also bring infinite amounts of fine particles and volatile organic compounds into the finite area of the house. This is just one example of what conventional forms of heating can do to a house's delicate ecosystem. Luckily, an infrared heater has no particulates, so you're home is safe!
Not to mention, an infrared room heater won't agitate the air like a normal fan forced heater would. With convection, air is circulated around the area and many harmful particles are constantly pushed around the room. This promotes humid, dirty air being circulated around the home forever. A heater that only uses infrared wavelengths doesn't require circulating possibly allergen laden air to generate warmth.
And one last way infrared heaters can save your home's air: They do not affect oxygen levels. Some heaters, such as an oil-filled heater, will actually deplete the oxygen in a room.

Stop Mold In Its Tracks
Another way infrared heating is better than conventional heating is the clean, dry air that infrared heating can provide. Using an infrared room heater can help prevent condensation within a home's infrastructure. That means less mold and mildew will be able to grow, which is always a good deal.

Boost The Immune SystemBoost The Immune System
Simply put, human skin is made for infrared heat. An electric infrared heater provides heated wavelengths that your skin absorbs naturally. It aids in detoxifying and can help bolster the immune system of those who use it. Infrared heat is even used to help cancer patients become more healthy!
You probably find it hard to imagine that something as simple as a portable infrared heater can actually help boost immune systems. In reality, however, that heater can help soothe people who suffer from ailments such as gout or sciatica. Isn't it funny how far a little heater can go in providing a healthy home ecosystem.

So What Are The Downsides?

The fact is, not everything can be perfect. Even clean heat sources such as infrared heaters are subject some sort of downfall. In this case, it is physical safety.
For an infrared room heater to work, the core must be hotter than the air around it. This means that those who are careless of their surroundings might find themselves on the wrong end of a bad burn. Small children must also be watched whenever they are around exposed infrared heating.
On the other hand, this mostly has to do with negligence. If you take the right steps to implement infrared heating safely, you will not have to deal with these dangers. Just adding a safety grid or mounting a ceramic infrared heater on the wall will keep your family as safe as possible.

What Kind of Infrared Heaters Does This Apply To?
Anyone who works with heaters can tell you that there are thousands of different types. When it comes to infrared alone, it can be a metal sheath, quartz tube, quartz lamp or a ceramic infrared heater.
Providing that the heater in question is an electric infrared heater, all of the benefits mentioned above apply. You will often find heaters that produce infrared heat even though they run on natural gas. These natural gas heaters still pose carbon monoxide issues, however, and can have adverse effects on the environment.
The best choice when it comes to infrared heating, however, is the ceramic infrared heater. This type of heater uses the infrared waves to heat up a ceramic plate, which in turn heats the surrounding area. While the health benefits are the same, the ceramic heater is the most energy efficient heater that uses infrared.

Bottom Line

An infrared heater can provide numerous health benefits to the home. While it can pose some physical dangers, these can easily be remedied with extra precautions. Now that you know a little bit about the technology, infrared heating is the obvious choice to keep your family and home as healthy as possible.

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