Anxiety, stress, phobia or despair...Nova Vida can help

CounsellingNova Vida Recovery Centre is now offering a range of counselling services in addition to its core addictions treatment programme. With over 25 years joint experience in delivering therapy, we are professionally qualified and trained in the UK and the USA and are here to help you.

Nova Vida Recovery Centre is an English speaking facility. The treatment programme is entirely in the English language and all medical, clinical and administrative staff use English as their first language.

If anxiety, stress, low mood are the dominant feelings in your life or if hopelessness and despair dominates your daily life because of:

• Constant anxiety
• Persistent low mood or depression
• Working too hard
• Phobia/Fear of places and/or things
• Social drug use out of hand
• Trauma
• Can’t stop gambling 
• Drinking too much
• Suffering from an Eating Disorder

If either you or a loved one has a problem and you need help then call Sally on 919 357 827 or email sallyvincent@novavidarecovery.com  for a confidential consultation or further information and discover just how we can help you.

All calls and emails are confidential and your anonymity is assured at all times.

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