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HYPOXI® – Design your body

Hypoxi treatmentA new way to fitness and weightloss. VILA VITA Parc has opened the first studio in Portugal and Spain offering HYPOXI, a unique and effective method to get your body into shape, based on a moderate workout routine and a balanced nutrition plan suitable for all ages.

Among its many benefits, HYPOXI targets and eradicates stubborn fat deposits on desired areas, eliminates fluid retention and toxins, tones the skin, improves blood circulation and accelerates the metabolism.

Hypoxi treatmentThe HYPOXI method targets undesired fat deposits on waist, stomach, buttocks and thighs through the unique combination of alternating pressure therapy and moderate fat-burning activity. Alternating high and low pressure activates the tissue and those areas of the body where stubborn fat is located. The change in pressure effectively stimulates blood flow and accelerates the transport of fatty acids from these regions.

At the studio, VILA VITA’s HYPOXI coach will put together a training plan designed according to individual needs and objectives, and give tips on healthy nutrition.

The new HYPOXI Studio is in a discreet private setting and machines and coaches are trained and suitable for both men and women as the HYPOXI method has been tailored for the different body mass that different sexes accumulate. 

Prices start from €29 per session, with sustained one, two and three-month programmes also available.

8400-450 Porches

T: 351 (0) 282 31 01 00
W: www.vilavitaparc.com

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