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Listen, there are no problems

Listen, there are no problemsWhere can we solve our problems? At school, at the hairdresser, in our families? Normally not. We have to retreat from the world and finally solve them.
In the beautiful Algarve new women retreats are arising, women circles, where the impossible becomes possible. A life without problems.

The most important thing in life is to know who you are. It is to be clear in your heart. When you know who you are, you understand a problem and its root and you start smiling with no reason at all. But up until now you were trained to the concept that there are just problems, and for a few seconds in life you are awarded with one happy moment. Going on a retreat, starting a very inside pilgrimage.

Women RetreatEither way both are just an opinion, but your opinions form your life. If you believe you can’t be happy, you won’t be. If you believe you can, you will. Normally, it’s that easy, but we have to unlearn our unhealthy concepts of life, that we think are set into stone.

On this retreat you set out to discover and research a different life concept, a stress-free lifestyle. Just because you’re mum didn’t know how to do it’ doesn’t mean you can’t. It just means your mum never went out to research this possibility.

These women retreats will make you dance, eat together, shop, enjoy wellness, and transform.

We research best tasting recipes, the best car that fits our needs, the best holidays, job options, but we neglect the biggest option of all, our own happiness, which we could pass down to the next generation. Like in a collective trance we think it’s enough to find out to be happy one day, we wait around for it as if would come by itself and knock on our doors.

One by one you have the opportunity to uncover any negativity and past hurt and discover your own transformation in a sacred space.

Isn’t ironic that the Algarve was the coastline where the Portuguese set off on epic journeys to discover other cultures and now directly here, you know get the chance to embark on your own most important journey, the journey to know yourself and find happiness along the way.

For more information visit www.16strongwomen.com.

Registration: at wdiwdi@web.de.


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