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6 Hair Treatment Solutions That Will Help You Have Thicker Hair Again

6 HAIR TREATMENT SOLUTIONS THAT WILL HELP YOU HAVE THICKER HAIR AGAINYou’re not alone if you are experiencing hair thinning. Hair loss and thinning are fairly common, especially as we age. Both genetic, as well as certain health conditions, have an effect on hair loss.

If you’re looking for ways to manage your thinning hair or to even boost your hair’s thickness, there are a number of different techniques and solutions you can try. From styling suggestions to minor surgery, here are 6 treatment solutions to thicken your hair.

1. Wash it less and style it gently

Treat your thinning hair with care when you wash it by using a shampoo that is gentle and doesn’t dry out your hair and scalp. Even if you shower daily, this doesn’t mean you need to wash it every day. You can stimulate your follicles with a gentle massage under warm water without soap. You should also condition your hair after washing it as it provides a protective barrier that prevents hair from breaking or splitting.

The act of washing your hair doesn’t cause hair loss, but it’s how you clean and care for it that can strengthen and even protect it. Taking care when you style it will also prevent hair from falling out too quickly. When styling your hair take care to not tug or pull on your hair too hard, especially when it’s wet. Don’t apply too much heat to it and style using a wider tooth comb.

Also, it might be time to change your hairstyle. If your hair thickness has changed it’s time to get a more flattering cut.

2. Undergo hair replacement surgery

Hair transplants are becoming a more popular option. This process involves a doctor moving hair from one area to the thinning area of your scalp. It is considered a minor surgical procedure but can be done under local anesthesia. According to specialists in hair transplantations, although you may need more than one procedure to reach your desired hair thickness, it looks very natural and you will see immediate results. Seek out professionals who have a trained doctor to perform the procedure, so as to avoid unnecessary and painful complications. By seeking out qualified doctors experienced in performing hair replacement surgeries like those associated with Breezula, individuals can embark on their journey toward restored confidence and enhanced aesthetics with greater peace of mind.

3. Skip the at-home hair treatments like colouring, applying hot oil, or straightening/curling with chemicals

If you use at-home hair treatments like these, stop. These treatments can contribute to hair thinning and make your hair brittle and fragile. If you want these procedures done, go to a professional hairstylist. They are also able to recommend treatment to make your hair healthy.

4. See a doctor and take supplements

A specialist, such as a dermatologist, might be able to help you. Certified dermatologists are specifically trained to treat skin, hair, and nails and can help treat the causes of hair loss. They can also recommend specific products to help low hair loss and promote regrowth.

Taking supplements to thicken your hair is not straightforward, so if you are taking anything, or want to start taking something you should first talk to a doctor about it.

Biotin supplements have been shown to boost hair growth, but this is only in cases where people are deficient in this vitamin, vitamin B. Supplements aren’t controlled or approved by the FDA, so the guidelines on the best dosage aren’t too clear. On top of this, commercially available products have not been proven safe. Too much of a certain vitamin, for example, A and E, can even lead to hair loss.


A number of medications, over the counter and some requiring a prescription, are available to treat hair loss. Over-the-counter options usually include products that contain minoxidil. These range from pills to shampoos, liquids and foams and prevent you from losing hair and even cause it to regrow. One typically doesn’t see results until using it for 6 months.

6. Reduce the stress in your life

Most adults experience stress on a daily basis and it shows. Stress has an effect on physical health and can cause hair loss. Major stressors can lead to a condition that causes temporary hair loss, called telogen effluvium. Reduce your stress levels.


There are several ways to thicken your hair if you’re experiencing male pattern baldness or thinning hair caused by something else. Being aware and mindful of your hair care and eating habits, making sure to eat a wide variety of healthy foods, are the easiest and first steps needed to manage thinning hair.

If you want to try hair-thickening medication, supplements that might be able to boost hair growth, or are considering hair replacement surgery be sure to talk to a doctor first to ascertain what is best for you.


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