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Can Cooking with an Air Fryer Help you Lose Weight

CAN COOKING WITH AN AIR FRYER HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHTOver the last decade or so, air fryers have become a popular addition to many people’s kitchens. The countertop oven can help people make tasty and crispy meals, without having to deep fry food. Although you can use oil, you will only need a small amount in comparison to a deep fryer. There are plenty of meals you can cook with a deep fryer without using any oil whatsoever. 

Most air fryers go up to 400 degrees, and they are really easy to use, even for those who are reluctant to cook. Each fryer has a basket where you can add your ingredients, and as soon as you turn the device on, hot air will circulate around the ingredients and start cooking your food. Because ingredients cooked in an air fryer have less fat content, it is a much healthier method of cooking. Standard ovens often generate fumes, but air fryers don’t. 

It can Encourage you to Cook Healthier Foods

When the words frying and food are in the same sentence, most people automatically think they are about to consume something unhealthy. However, unlike deep frying, air frying allows you to cook your ingredients without having to add any extra fat. This can help you reduce the amount of calories while you are cooking, yet still produce amazing food. If you are craving fried chicken, but you don’t want it covered in oil, then an air fryer can help. 

An air fryer will give you the opportunity to cook healthy meals too. A lot of folks struggle to maintain a healthy diet because a lot of the food they are supposed to eat tastes bland, but you don’t have to worry about this with an air fryer. There are lots of websites and social media pages with different air fryer cooking tips, like this Air Fryer lid recipe. You are bound to find a low calorie dish that you will enjoy that you can cook with your air fryer. You will be amazed about how many meals you can cook in the device without having to use oil.

Reduce Fat Content by 75%

There are lots of different brands out there that make air fryers nowadays, and some of them claim that their devices can help reduce fried foods’ fat content by seventy five percent. When cooking with a standard deep fryer, you might need around 800ml of all to successfully cook your ingredients. Cooking the same meal with an air fryer, you will only need a drop of oil. This means that you will be using around 50 times less oil when cooking with an air fryer, which will help you lower the overall fat content of your ingredients. 

Cutting the fat content in your food can help you improve your health, even if you are not looking to lose weight. If you continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle, the chances of suffering from health complications like heart disease and cancer will have increased. 

An Air Fryer Can Save You Time

Time is precious, especially in today’s modern society. Making time to exercise is not always easy, especially if you have to prepare healthy food for you, and other meals for the rest of the family. However, it doesn't take long to cook great tasting meals in an air fryer. It takes a few minutes for the preheating cycle, and the device manages to contain most of the heat throughout the entire process, which will help reduce energy. Because very little heat manages to escape, you should be able to cook the meal in a very short space of time. Because the heat is so intense, you should have no problems cooking a frozen meal quickly. You can prepare your ingredients, place it on the tray, and start cooking whenever you feel like it. The cooking cycle is a lot shorter than the cooking cycle of a traditional oven, and you won’t have to put in a lot of effort to produce nice food. 


Not everybody enjoys cooking, so having a trusty air fryer on hand can make a big difference, spellacy for those who are looking to shed a few pounds. However, most kitchen appliances cost a small fortune, but you can pick up a quality air fryer from less than $100. Plus, the appliance is a lot more energy efficient in comparison to other appliances, so it can help reduce the cost of your utility bills. Some people don’t like the smell that comes from a deep fryer. If you quick fry food in a traditional fryer, your kitchen can smell terrible. Luckily, air fryers give off very little smell, so you can enjoy your meal without the greasy fumes surrounding your kitchen. They are easy to use and once you have read the manufacturer's instructions, you will have mastered the different techniques in a short space of time

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