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What To Know If You Want To “Go Commando”

What To Know If You Want To “Go Commando”After finding out about veebabes, we could not help but wonder if there are other tips and tricks to keep vaginal health in check! It turns out going commando is one of them!

Strange, right? That is exactly what we thought, but after discussing with our experts and finding out all the perks that going commando has, it suddenly did not sound that weird anymore! It’s all about freedom, promoting a healthy lifestyle while feeling good and happy, too!

What does going commando mean? It sounds a little bit silly, but it implies not wearing underwear. Most of the specialist recommend do this from time to time during the night, as it promotes vaginal health.

While most people skip wearing underwear at night because they feel restrained, not wearing underwear has proved to be a good idea for keeping your vaginal flora healthy! How so?

Going commando can reduce the risk of developing yeast infections, by reducing humidity. Moisture, high temperatures, high intake of sugar and carbs are only some of the factors that make you prone to yeast infections and since those are all external factors that we do not always keep track of, you might want to consider not wearing underwear from time to time!

We recommend skipping wearing underwear during the night. If you consider doing this during the day, make sure you are not wearing a rough pair of jeans which can cause friction, irritation, and burning pain in your sensitive area. Loose pants, summer skirts - these will do perfectly fine!

Did that not seem to be convincing to you? Here are just 5 of the many benefits of going commando from time to time!

It reduces the risk of yeast infection

Recurrent yeast infection can give you a real headache! If the infection doesn’t go away after trying the first-line treatment, you should try everything in your power to cure it! Along with boric acid suppositories, going commando can help you do it.

The explanation why bv keeps coming back is simple: wearing synthetic material underwear can trap moisture which only increases the risk of yeast infection. Not wearing underwear allows your sensitive skin to breathe and reduces moisture.

It prevents chafing

Raised temperatures, sweat, and tight clothes are just some of the external factors that cause chaffing and irritation in the vaginal area. Alongside wearing soft materials clothing, you should try going commando – at least until the irritation heals!

Forget about the high amounts of discharge 

Since the diversity of underwear available on the market has increased, people often tend to choose non-cotton undergarments. As fancy as they might look, these prevent your sensitive skin from breathing, which leads to an increased level of moisture down there.

In the long run, this can lead to an unusual odor, feeling uncomfortable, itching and others. If we get into the equation of some carbs, an unhealthy diet, and stress, then we have the perfect environment for yeast infection! 

No more unusual odors 

There is nothing wrong with some level of odor, we all have our distinct smell, and it is only natural for us to have it. If you notice a usual odor or a slight change of smell from sweating, you might need to consider going commando from time to time. 

Excessive vaginal moisture can be the root of all our problems; it can lead to all sorts of medical conditions, with symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to burning pain during intercourse! However, if the odor persists then you should schedule an appointment with your health care provider!

What can give you a confidence boost!

Research has shown that going commando can give you an amazing feeling of excitement, and it can make you even feel sexier! Being your little secret can make you feel mysterious and dandy, and if your partner is down to exploring going commando when in public, that can get even more fun!

Although going commando seems like a perfect option from time to time, it is not meant for everyone. There are a lot of people who can’t help but feeling empty while not wearing underwear, and for those, we recommend at least switching to cotton undergarments. 

Sometimes, medical conditions such as yeast infections, UTIs or BV do not show any symptoms at all. Only after some time do they start showing symptoms and by then they are already so much harder to treat. 

Discharge, irritation, swelling, burning pain during urination or intercourse are just some of the most encountered symptoms.

That passing thought „Ah, but what if I smell bad?” will be history from now on! A certain amount of smell is normal, and everyone has a distinct odor so there is nothing to be ashamed about! 

However, if you notice changes when it comes to vaginal odor or discharge, then do not hesitate to discuss these problems with your doctor.

Be sure to schedule an appointment with your medical health care provider for a regular check-up. By running some blood tests and sample tests, your doctor will be able to tell what kind of infection you have and what type of medication you will need to get better. Once you will start taking your medication you will also start feeling better day by day!

Having all these tips and tricks in mind, we hope we helped you change your thoughts about going commando being silly. Going commando can reduce the risk of developing yeast infections and other serious medical conditions that are harmful to your general health.

Going commando is certainly not made for everyone, but then again it is something that each and every woman out there should try from time to time! As silly as it might sound, it has real perks and benefits to your vaginal health, preventing yeast infections and chaffing, reducing moisture and odor, even giving you a confidence boost! 

What more can we say? Going commando is the real deal!


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