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The pandemic, hospice care, homelessness and hunger

THE PANDEMIC, HOSPICE CARE, HOMELESSNESS AND HUNGERIn addition to the high number of people infected by COVID-19 and the pressure this is placing on the Portuguese national health staff, the pandemic is impacting seriously and increasingly on the many vital charities helping those in need of palliative care, the homeless living on the streets, and also families with insufficient food to put on their tables.

How and Why You Might Want to Try Hemp Oil Edibles

HOW AND WHY YOU MIGHT WANT TO TRY HEMP OIL EDIBLESHemp oil edibles offer a fun yet extremely effective way to benefit from the many cannabinoids found within hemp plants. Hemp oil supplements have attracted a great deal of attention and are currently one of the most talked-about products within the natural wellness industry.

What Are Some Uses of Topical CBD Creams

WHAT ARE SOME USES OF TOPICAL CBD CREAMSThe CBD industry has seen tremendous growth over the last few years, and with it, a huge variety of new brands and products have emerged. While many people choose to ingest CBD in the form of CBD oils, capsules, gummies, and other oral methods, CBD topicals are an excellent choice for those who like the idea of applying it directly to the skin.

Is Your Medicinal Mushroom Supplement Potent?

IS YOUR MEDICINAL MUSHROOM SUPPLEMENT POTENT?Medicinal mushrooms are steadily growing more popular. They are an exciting supplement with a variety of potential uses, ranging from regulating sleep and reducing fatigue to boosting immunity.

A COVID survivor tells us what may await if we don’t take care

A COVID SURVIVOR TELLS US WHAT MAY AWAIT IF WE DON’T TAKE CARESome people continue to be complacent about becoming infected by COVID-19, even with the uncertainties posed by the latest variant in the run-up to the normally busy festive season.

Everyday award winning spa treatments

WIN! EVERYDAY AWARD WINNING SPA TREATMENTSSurprisingly, a simple beauty treatment can reduce more than just the new wrinkle.  Self-care in the sense of beauty routines can lead to an increase in self-esteem and self-love.

Should You Get Braces Without Visiting a Dentist in Person?

SHOULD YOU GET BRACES WITHOUT VISITING A DENTIST IN PERSON?Up until a few years ago, having a beautiful smile with straight teeth was an almost impossible dream for many people to achieve. Besides their prohibitive cost, metallic and ceramic braces are sometimes bulky, unsightly, and uncomfortable.

3 Reasons to Try CBD Water as a Calming Post-Workout Drink

3 Reasons to Try CBD Water as a Calming Post-Workout DrinkPhysical training creates healthy stress in your body. Whether you jog or lift heavy weights, your body releases hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, and dopamine to adapt to the load.