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History & Culture of Portugal - Part 9

Portugal History 6 CulturePart 9. Templar Knights in Portugal (1118 - 1312). The Templar Knights opened up a second front against the Muslims with the Crusades, the “Reconquista”, on the Iberian peninisula and into the Pyrenees/SW France.

In Portugal, following military successes, a chain of castles were built in the 12/13th centuries, the “Tagus Line” (Linha do Tejo) Pombal / Tomar / Almounol / Zêzere / Ambrantes / Belver / Castelo Branco / Monsanto, to protect the new Christian Kingdom from the Moors. The Military Order of Christ is the former Knights Templar order as it was reconstituted in Portugal after the Templars were abolished in 1312 by papal bull. The Knights Hospitaller also had a presence in Portugal, supported by Sancho. The Order of Christ was founded in 1319, with the protection of the Portuguese king, Denis, who refused to pursue and persecute the former knights.

 Templar Knights in Portugal (1118 - 1312).

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