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Passport fees for British nationals overseas reduced by 35%

Passport renewalThe fees for a UK passport for British citizens applying from overseas countries, including Portugal, will fall by 35% from next month.

James Brokenshire, Immigration and Security Minister, has announced that from 7th April the passport fee for customers applying for a UK passport from overseas will be reduced by £45 for adults and £28.50 for children.

The new fees are:
Adult 32 page passport £83.00
Child 32 page passport £53.00
Jumbo 48 page passport £91.00 (Adult / Child / Veteran)

The 35% decrease in passport fees is the result of efficiency savings made over the last three years by bringing back the processing and issuing of overseas passports to the UK.

If you need a new or replacement passport, go to the Overseas British passport applications page on www.GOV.UK where you can make an overseas application. You need to apply and pay online and send your supporting documents direct to the UK (no longer at British Embassies or Consulates abroad). The turnaround time is four to six weeks, and applications are accepted up to nine months before the expiry of your current passport.

The new fees for overseas applications remain marginally higher than the equivalent fees for UK-based applicants because on average overseas applications take longer – and therefore cost slightly more - to process. This is because it is often less straightforward to establish whether or not an overseas applicant is entitled to a UK passport. Overseas customers will also continue to pay a courier charge in addition to the passport fee.

The price of a passport reflects the cost of processing and producing it. Treasury rules prevent HM Passport Office from making a profit or loss, and the new fees from 7th April will ensure that HM Passport Office continues to cover its costs.

The 35% reduction for overseas applications follows a decrease in 2012 of £5 – thanks to other cost savings - for all applications made within the UK.

New fees for overseas applications:

Passport renewal fees

British Embassy Lisbon
Rua de São Bernardo, 33 - 1249-082 Lisboa 

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