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New website takes crime prevention a major step forward

New website takes crime prevention a major step forwardAs a major step forward in providing crime prevention and public safety services to residents and visitors, Associação Safe Communities Algarve have launched a new website replacing the existing one which was formed two years ago.

David Thomas President of Safe Communities Algarve (SCA) said “That around a year ago it became evident that due to an increasing demand for SCA services and the expansion of its work a new site would be necessary. I am pleased therefore that Claire Kellock an experienced website designer volunteered her services in her spare time to develop a new professional site that would not only meet existing demand but expected growth in the future”.

New website takes crime prevention a major step forwardHe added “it is essential that a website service such as this exists in any community in order that residents can obtain professional and independent advice that helps them as well as supporting government efforts in maintaining safety in the community. It also helps facilitate public engagement with the police as they are more aware of work of such organizations”.

It is evident that SCA’s services have indeed proved popular as during the last year there were some 700,000 hits and the number of daily visitors to the existing website has nearly doubled and now amounts to around 40% of those visiting the Government’s national Security Portal.

The new website has around 70 downloads of crime prevention material easily accessed in nine crime areas ranging from cybercrime to stolen pets. Crime arrests by law enforcement officers and other news are posted daily on the front page. In addition to the GNR pages, there are now pages for the PSP police, more information on civil protection, and in the near future SEF will be added. Popular features such as reporting suspicious activities to the police, the GNR Safe Residence Programme and the Safe Services guide are now much easier to access. A unique development is the inclusion of personal messages from both GNR and PSP Commanders to the community in areas which they serve.

The new website is far more visual and benefits from more photographs including those taken by Birch Photography.

The new website took a year to develop and involved consultation with various public services including the police to ensure their needs were met.

Claire Kellock said: “The original website had served a purpose but it was clear that it needed updating. I was more than happy to provide my services to a community project such as this and I hope its users will find the site easy to navigate and user friendly.”

David Thomas concluded by thanking those who had taken part in the testing of the new website over the last month and he hoped that people will make regular use of www.safecommunitiesalgarve.com which is available to everyone. The Algarve is a safe place to live and visit and by using the free services and following the advice given on the website it could become even safer.

W: www.safecommunitiesalgarve.com

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